Frequently Asked Question

1. After the initial cost is there an annual cost for the Trojan Tags?

Answer:  No.  The initial cost to obtain your Trojan Tag is $50.00, of which $25.00 goes directly to Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration. After this initial cost, the State of Maryland does not require additional annual fees for the plates, other than the normal annual car registration fees.

2. How does this serve as a fundraiser?

Answer:  The remaining $25.00 of the $50.00 fee serves as a tax-deductible contribution to Virginia State University through the VSUAA-Washington, DC Chapter's chapter endowment.

3. How does the application process work?

Answer:  Complete the request form and submit payment.   Once payment is received an MVA application will be mailed to you by the Chapter. Complete the MVA application and return it to the Chapter.   Once the MVA application is received it will be submitted directly to MVA.  The plates will be mailed by MVA directly to your home address within 2 weeks.  (Note:  MVA applications can not be submitted directly to MVA.  Only the Chapter MVA liason can do so.)    

4. Who do I make checks out to?

Answer:  Checks should be made payable to the VSUAA-DC Chapter.  

5. What do I do with my old plates?

Answer:   Once you receive your new Trojan Tags, you should turn your old license plates into any MVA office or inspection station. 

6. Do you have to be a member of the VSUAA-DC Chapter to obtain a Trojan Tag?

Answer:  Of course we encourage all area alumni to become an active dues paying member of the VSUAA-Washington, DC Chapter, however, this is not a condition of purchase. 

7. What plate number will I be issued if I purchase a Trojan Tag?

Answer: The MVA determines plate numbers; we cannot submit any special requests. Generally, the numbers issued are in sequence order based on when the plate was purchased. 

8. Can someone request a particular number?

Answer: Yes and No.  Requests for a particular number can resevered, however, the requestor will have to wait until that number becomes available.   For example, if you want Plate #100 but we are only on Plate #75 then you will have to wait until 24 other alumni purchase a plate before you could obtain Plate #100.  There is no way to determine how long it would take to get to your requested number.    

9. If I no longer want my Trojan Tags after purchase want would I have to do?

Answer: Well we hope that would never be the case.  But if you would like to return your Trojan Tags for regular Maryland Tags you would do so the same way you would any other Maryland-registered license plate - just return them to any MVA office and request new plates.

10. Can you order more than one set of plates?

Answer:  Yes, you can order as many plates as cars registered in your name. However, you would still have to pay for both (i.e., this doesn't mean two-for-one). A scholarship donation must be made for each set of plates you order. For example, if a husband and wife wanted plates on both of their cars, they would owe $50 each ($100 total).

11. Who do I contact for more information?

Answer: David Meyers, is our Chapter's designated MVA/VSUAA liaison.  You can contact him at if you have any questions that our website did not answer. 

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